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Yoga Narasimha Temple


The Yoga Narasimha Temple is one of the oldest temples located in the Hassan district. Its origin is dated back to the 1200 AD. The people of Mudigere conduct an annual festival for the Yoga Narasimha which has been a practice for centuries now.

The 11 feet idol of Yoga Narasimhar has been enshrined inside the main Garbagraha which faces Lakshmi Varaha on the opposite side. The Alwar Sannidhi, enshrined with Alwars also find a place in this temple as a token of respect acknowledging their devotion towards Lord Vishnu. The idol of Agoramoorthy, one of the divine form of Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar has been enshrined inside the very garbagraha where the Yoga Narasimhar is.

Lord Hanuman is idolized in the prakara of the temple. The finely carved Yantra of Yoganarasimha is dedicated and it is right at the temple’s mandapa.


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